Homeward Designs, Inc.

At Homeward Designs our goal is to bring dreams to life by merging our client’s vision with our creativity and building design experience. We value the relationships built as we spend time gaining an understanding
of their vision, specific needs, and requirements for their project.

Each project is unique and is designed specifically to complement the lifestyle and design preferences of the client. The staff at Homeward Designs takes pride in consistently producing highly detailed construction plans that are designed from a builder’s perspective, efficient to build and respectful of budgets.

Experience matters! Homeward Designs founder, Monty Ecalbarger has worked in residential and commercial design, drafting, and planning for over 27 years. His partner, Gerald Veltkamp brings more than 30 years of experience in residential design, drafting, estimating, project management and supervision for construction of high-end custom homes. Together this team offers clients and contractors a well-rounded approach to building design.

In addition to professional building design Homeward Designs also has the technical skills necessary to create and edit complex drafting schematics. Our team provides drafting services to large-scale industries, local water districts and more. We would be happy to talk to you about any drafting needs you may have.

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